Quickmaps can be viewed, selected and managed through the Map Layers panel.

Quickmaps allow users to quickly apply a pre-set layer configuration to the map canvas.

How to Create a Quickmap

To create a new quickmap:

  1. Open the “Map Layers” panel
  2. Click the currently applied Quickmap
  3. Select “New Quickmap
  4. Enter a Quickmap name
  5. In Layers from, select an existing Quickmap from which to import layer configuration
  6. If the new Quickmap should be the default Quickmap, click to place a checkmark in the Default box
  7. Click “Save Quickmap
  8. Expand and collapse the preferred layer groups and place checkmarks next to the layers that you want to display in the new Quickmap
  9. When you finish configuring the Quickmap,  click to save the Quickmap configuration

Apply a Quickmap

  1. In the Layers List click the currently applied Quickmap
  2. Click the preferred Quickmap name to apply the Quickmap