Toggle map layers to build your common operating picture. Create and apply Quickmaps to quickly view a pre-set layer configuration

Toggle Map Layers

  1. Click “Layers” in left side app bar
  2. Expand and collapse Layer Groups
  3. Turn a layer “On” by placing a checkmark in the box next to the preferred layer

Note: Some layers require login credentials. A lock will appear next to these layers. Click the lock to enter your credentials for that layer.

Adjust Layer Transparency

  1. In the Layers List find the preferred layer
  2. Click to adjust layer transparency
  3. Use the slider to adjust layer transparency

Note: Layers that have transparency applied will have a red dot next to them

Add Map Layers

Layers can be added from the web or from local files.

From the Web

  1. In the Layers panel, click
  2. Click to select add from web
  3. Select the web service
  4. Enter layer url
  5. Click “Get Layers
  6. Select layer(s) to add
  7. Click “Add Layers

From Local File

  1. In the Layers panel, click
  2. Click to select add from a local file
  3. Click “Choose File
  4. Find the preferred file and open
  5. Click “Add Layers

AlertWildfire Cameras

AlertWildfire Cameras can be viewed, downloaded and added to an incident.

To view AlertWildfire Cameras:

  1. Toggle on “AlertWildfire Cameras” from the map layers panel
  2. Click on a camera or the field of view on the map
  3. A pop up will appear showing the camera image and details about the camera.

Note: The selected camera/field of view will be outlined in black on the map.


Add Photo to an Incident

If you have an incident selected when viewing an AlertWildfire Camera, click the “Add To Incident” button to attach the photo to the selected incident.