Incident Photos

Photos can be uploaded to TA on the web or by users in the field through TA Mobile. Photos will be attached to a specific incident and can be viewed or shared by other TA users.

Additionally, photos from AlertWildfire Cameras can also be attached to an incident.

Viewing a Photo

Photos that are attached to an incident are displayed in a list on the “Photos” tab of the incident card.

To view a photo:

  1. Click the “Photos” tab
  2. Click on the photo in the list you wish to view.

The photo will open in a separate panel displaying a preview of the image with additional details.

Click to view the photo in fullscreen.

In the photo list, click to view more options for the photo such as edit, download, zoom to photo location, and more.

If the photo was uploaded from TA Mobile, click the “Show on Map” check box to show photo locations on the map.

Upload a Photo

Photos can be uploaded and attached to an incident.

  1. Select the “Photos” tab
  2. Click “Upload
  3. Click the “Select File” field and select the preferred photo to add
  4. Add comments to the photo if necessary
  5. Click “Upload File