Incident Mapping

Incident Mapping can be accessed by clicking the “Mapping” tab on the incident card.

Incident Mapping Overview

The incident mapping tab is where you can manage and work with incident mapping for the selected incident. It shows a list of all incident mapping features and provides the tools needed to create and edit these features.

You can toggle on and off feature types by use the red switches.

To view feature details, click on a feature in the list.

Each feature also has various available actions:

  • Show/Hide: Toggle the visibility of the feature on the map.
  • Zoom To Feature: Zooms to the selected feature on the map.
  • More Options: This is where you’ll find additional options such as edit, duplicate, inactive, delete and more.

Note: Ensure the “Show” box is checked and that individual mapping features are toggled on to view them on the map.

Create Feature

There are two main ways to create and add map features:

  1. Upload Features
  2. Digitize Map Features

Upload Feature

  1. On the incident mapping tab, click
  2. Select
  3. Click the “Click to browse files” box to open the preferred file
  4. Select features to upload and click “Next
  5. Select symbology and enter details
  6. Click “Save

Draw Feature

  1. On the incident mapping tab, click
  2. Select
  3. Select feature type and symbology
  4. Click “Next
  5. Click the “Draw” or “Start Drawing” button to enter drawing mode to digitize the mapping feature
  6. Click on the map to add vertices or “Shift + Click” to freehand draw
  7. Adjust rotation if necessary
  8. Add feature details
  9. Click “Save

Edit Feature

  1. Click next to the feature you wish to edit
  2. Select “Edit
  3. Change the symbology if necessary and click “Next” (If you don’t need to change symbology, just click Next)
  4. Select “Edit” to edit the feature on the map or “Transform” to rotate, move or scale the feature,  then click “Next
  5. Edit feature details if necessary
  6. Click “Save

Remove a Feature

Features can be completely deleted or they can be set to inactive to remove them from the active features.

Delete a Feature

  1. Click next to the feature you wish to make inactive
  2. Select “Delete
  3. Click “Remove” to confirm the feature will be deleted

Set Feature to Inactive

  1. Click next to the feature you wish to delete
  2. Select “Inactive

Note: Inactive features are only removed from the mapping list if the mapping list filter “Show Active Only” is toggled on. Turn this filter off to view inactive features.