The FMAG tool allows users to draw an area of interest and query impact results for buildings and population, draw arrows and generate a Map PDF and the FMAG Request Form with some information prepopulated.

Note: The FMAG Tool and Impact Analysis Tool cannot be used at the same time.


The FMAG tool is incident centric and can be found on the incident card for each incident. The FMAG tab contains all FMAG documents that have been created for the selected incident as well as the ability to generate new documents. This is where you can download the generated FMAG Request Form and FMAG Map PDF’s. Generated documents are sorted from newest to oldest. Both the FMAG Request Form and Map PDF are generated every time.

Access the FMAG Tool by clicking “FMAG” in the incident card.

If FMAG documents have been generated a blue dot will appear next to the FMAG tab and an icon will appear next to the incident in the incident list.

Create FMAG Documents

  1. Turn on the needed layers using the “Layers” panel that you want to include in the screen capture. (Layers  are not automatically turned on and need to be turned on separately)
  2. Select the incident to create an FMAG for
  3. Open the “Simulations” tab (Optional – if you wish to turn on a simulation for the map PDF screen capture, first turn on the simulation using the “Sims” tab for the selected incident.)
  4. Click on the “FMAG” tab
  5. Click
  6. Click “Draw Polygons” to enter drawing mode
  7. Click to on the map add individual vertices or “Shift + Click” to free hand draw
  8. Click “Query Impacts
  9. Draw arrows by clicking the “Draw Arrows” button and then click on the map to add the starting and ending vertices (optional)
  10. Click “Generate

Download/View FMAG Documents

  1. Click on the “FMAG” tab
  2. Click
  3. Select “Download
  4. Save the file to your device