Comprehensive Incident Management

fiResponse™ is an enterprise wide decision support system that provides capabilities for monitoring wildland fire incidents and all associated operational activities related to incident response, dispatch and resource tracking.

fiResponse™ is designed to support the entire lifecycle of an incident supporting multi-agency use with seamless synchronization and sharing of data between different users, agencies, and devices for tracking incidents – all on a GIS platform!

fiResponse™ has been used since 1998 providing robust capabilities for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), AVL, GPS, and mobile data integration, resource tracking and reporting, and ICS assignment, tracking and reporting.

The GIS platform provides advanced mapping and reporting capabilities for all phases of wildland firefighting – from prevention to monitoring, detection, response and suppression, impact analysis and after action assessment. fiResponse™ operates on desktop, web and mobile platforms providing a scalable solution to any size of organization, small or large.


Features & Capabilities

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Incident Management

  • Incident declaration by map, coordinates, GPS, landmarks, or address
  • Tools for updating incident status throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Activity timestamps for all incident activities
  • Incident history and reconstruction for after action reporting
  • Incident Fire Reporting tool
  • IRWIN compatible for sharing incident info with federal systems
  • Field incident mapping tool

Resource Management

  • Inventory management for personnel, equipment & aircraft
  • Availability & scheduling of resources by region/district and local offices
  • Rostering & staffing supporting nested groupings
  • ROSS & IQS integration
  • ICS staff management & team assignments
  • Time tracking for all personnel utilization
  • Supports activation and mobilization of resources to staging locations

Dispatch & Resource Tracking

  • Full dispatching module integrated with Resource Management rosters
  • Real-time tracking of resources using AVL, AFF and GPS
  • Dispatch chat log
  • Rule-based alerts & notifications for personnel
  • Automatic distances and ETA calculated on-the-fly for all resources
  • Support for grouping of staff & equipment into crews, strike teams, mobilization

Situational Awareness

  • Fully GIS enabled for viewing location and status of incidents & resources
  • Scalable for county, state and federal agency use including multi-agency data sharing
  • Desktop environment for full incident & resource status awareness and operations
  • Web viewer for agency wide & public incident and resource mapping
  • Mobile app for field data uploads and sharing incident level status
  • Business intelligence dashboards for incident & resource status (executive & public)

Seamless Integration

  • Real-time AVL/GPS resource tracking with SPOT Trace & Gen3 (
  • Real time AFF for aerial resources
  • Real time fire behavior analysis & simulations with Wildfire Analyst™
  • GoTenna (  integration for peer-to-peer field communication network
  • Real-time weather data with Synoptic & WeatherFlow (
  • Advanced sandbox training with SimTable (
  • MODIS &VIIRS for detection mapping

Technology Framework

  • Latest ESRI technology integration into desktop, web and mobile apps
  • Full disconnected mapping capabilities on desktop and mobile
  • Real-time synchronization of data across all platforms
  • Cloud or on-premise hosting options
  • Supports multi-monitor display for EOC & operations centers (GACCs)
  • Organization & role based permissions for data & software access

Multiple Platforms

The fiResponse™ platform has apps for desktop, web and mobile interfaces for data input, update and viewing incident and resource information. Data is seamlessly synchronized between users and devices ensuring that everyone is viewing the latest, most up-to-date information – no matter what the source of the data, or what device they are on



Comprehensive capabilities for dispatchers, managers and administrators including incident declaration and status updates, resource dispatching, and real-time tracking of resources



Situational awareness for everyone in the organization including both public viewers and business intelligence dashboard for decision makers and leadership.



Native app to enable firefighters on-scene to receive and share information such as photos, videos, audio and GIS mapping, including disconnected mapping .

A Beautiful & Easy To Use Interface

Software Examples

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